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Offsetting open curves

Hi there,

for my projects I always need a tool offset and I put a lot of work into it to determine that offset for each material. However the offset function in Lightburn only works for closed curves. I am always creating tabs to stop parts from falling out, bending and being blown about. This way I always end up with open curves.

 I know that at least in Rhino the lines do have a vector direction. So it should be possible to determine left and right, which is probably a bit different form the algorithm that distinguishes inside and outside.

Is this possible with any of the formats Lightburn supports?

With kind regards


I believe the offset library used in LightBurn supports open curves, but we’ll need to add some infrastructure for it. That said, we’re also planning built-in support for tabs, which would eliminate your need for open curve offsetting.

Thanks for the info. So consider it as a point for the wishlist.


The tabs function sounds great. Any more info on that? Cheers.