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Nozzle alignment app

I would find it really helpful if there was a button in the software that would allow firing of the laser on a low power for a short burst in the centre of the work table, this would help with seeing how the air assist nozzle is lined up. Currently I keep running the focus app to see the line up, but for me the focus app lowers the head too far so the nozzle just touches the card and can drag it off alignment. For something that should a be a very simple process to do I find it a long winded hit and miss process.



The issue will be the hardware interlock switches on the lid which turn the laser off when the lid is lifted.




That is not my request to be able to lift the lid with the laser powered.

All I would like is a facilty to centre the laser head at the optimum focus position which will have been set in the focus calibration app, then a button that activates the laser for no more than a second, I could then observe if the beam is centred through the nozzle hole. If it needs adjusting I can lift the lid (the laser is off), tweak nozzle in required difection to correct alignment, lower lid and fire laser to check, repeat process until nozzle is correctly aligned.

To my way of thinking this method would speed up nozzle alignment setting.

How do others check nozzle alignment, am I missing something obvious?


There is a fire laser button, i set mine at 3.5% and used the z contil to move up and down  usually 5mm intervals to observe the shape of the laser. if The nozzle is affecting the beam, i can lift the lid, nudge the nozzle tip then put lid down and enable laser button to see the dot again.

it is a pretty easy and quick process and can be done at any time. 

Hope this helps and make sense, if not feel free to ask for more clarification.

Cameron, that is exactly what I need, where is the fire laser button?


Hi Martin,

To activate the ‘Fire’ button, do the following:

1: Edit your ‘Device Settings’ and activate the ‘Enable Laser Fire Button’


2: Restart LightBurn

3: In the ‘Move’ menu, you should now see the Laser Fire button.


Be very careful when using this as you can set the laser to fire at a power level which may ignite your material.




Thank you, I just need it for a very short burst to see the beam pattern and position, I have altered the software as instructed and will try out the laser in the morning.