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Now ... nothing :(

Tried updating the firmware on the emblaser2 - windows froze up and I got an error that the file size was too big - reset everything because it was being weird and now when I turn on the emblaser only the laser head fan spins up, not the extraction fan and the unit no longer shows up as a device in windows and does not home…

Pretty bummed - still have not managed to actually do anything with the emblaser because I was having homing issues that I was trying to fix (instead of homing to the top left it was homing to the top middle?)

Sorry to hear that Andrew,

Unfortunately I cannot help you, I just updated my firmware earlier today without any issues.

I have no doubt the Darkly Labs team will have your machine back up and running in no time.

My recommendation would be to check the sd-card in the back of the E2. If you try plugging it directly into your computer you can see if it is corrupted and may be able to reset the files/firmware. Just a thought, might be best to wait for official support though.



Thanks Jeremy, I was actually wondering if there was a removable sd card … I will check it out and see if I can access it directly from my pc - I’ve also logged a ticket! Thanks for the comment!

Hi Andrew,

We are responding to the ticket you raised on this issue.