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Not quite emblaser

After purchasing my first Emblaser, I now have two, I was introduced into the world of CNC stuff.  Being retired from the real work force has given me an opportunity to “play” with all sorts of CNC related things.  Earlier this year I put together a 3D printer and had some fun with it until I put it away in the corner.  It wasn’t as much fun as my Emblaser(s).  Then I decided to build my own CNC router.  I found a set of plans on good old Ebay.  MDF was the base material used on the plans and as my workshop is for woodworking only, I was on my way.

I used my Emblaser to engrave all the MDF parts as I cut them.  I also used it to cut out and engrave my control box.  I then retrieved my 3D printer and made the bearing blocks, crank wheels and router mount.  I used an Arduino to drive the CNC.  I use the same GRBL sender program for my Emblasers and my CNC.  This is great as I don’t have to learn two different systems.

This lengthy post is leading to my project showcase.  It was carved on my CNC router today from a couple of pieces of decking glued together.  Being involved with my Emblaser(s) has broadened my horizons and kept my brain active.  Oh, I hav

en’t  abandoned my Emblaser(s), they are both humming away in the workshop.  I drive them simultaneously off the one PC, but that’s another story for another day.


Whoops, sorry I placed the pic in the middle of the text.

Amazing craftsmanship as usual Daryl.

Let’s see how close the E2 will get to creating the embossed effect you have there.