No luck removing the belt plate for 10w upgrade - Looking for (good) suggestions!

Upgrading the Emblaser Core with a 10w laser.
When trying to remove the (3) 1.3mm screws the hex tool immediately stripped and now will not grab any of the screws.
The screws do not look damaged as I was very careful (have experience).
1.3mm hex is not a common size so I could not find one in my sets.
Was there loctite put on these screws as they will not move at all?
Looking for suggestions.

Also, the instructions do no reflect my unit which does not have a FFC clip. It has a foldable plastic cover that wraps around the ribbon cable and connectors. Not a big deal but you may want to include that with your instructions.

Hi Paul,

Sorry you are having removing these screws.

These screws do not have loctite added, but over time they may have become difficult to remove.

When we have this situation we use a dremel with a thin cutting disc and cut a slot into the screw. Then we use a flat head screwdriver to unscrew it.

Hope that helps,

Thanks, cutting a slot in the screws worked but I did damage the plate (and the screws of course) so now I can’t use the original laser even if I wanted to. When I put the hex tool in the new screws for the 10watt laser the tool just spun and would not grab at all. I’m convinced the hex tool is of very low quality.
But I was able to get the 10 watt laser mounted and it is working.

I had a similar problem in that all three of my screws were “factory stripped” to some extent. Two I managed to work loose with my own Allen key but the third was quite tight. I was able to use a damaged screw extractor (available at most hardware stores) to finally coax the last screw out. The screw extractor was designed for much larger screws but with a bit of careful pressure the blades bit and helped me loosen it.

@c_campbell Thank you for the feedback.

I also had the same issue, stripped screws
I used an automatic center punch to make a small indent then used a metal scribe to tap them around

We have some damaged screw extractors on the way and will be testing them once they are in the lab.

If you are interested, they are available from aliexpress very cheaply. Delivery time is the only issue.

We expect a #0 or #1 remover to be suitable, but won’t know for sure until we have tested it.