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Hope this has not be asked before.


Okay so after several months I finally got to set up my Emblaser 2. After spending 2 hours fitting the air assist (Slow but steady) , I Finally loaded up the firmware and re-started the machine. All Okay.

Here is where the fun began. Calibration.

I looked for the 'Included" Calibration Cards it mentions in the doco  - None. Searched here - No info

I found an entry for calibration that mentions test a new calibration process. The supposedly attached files do not exist or I’m locked out.

More  Seacrhing ,OKay so I now find the calibration file under getting started, but it is different from the one in he project code on the machine.

I decide to use the one on the machine as it has a newer date.

Load it up into Laser WEB.

Put some colored paper in the laser and then go to view the height settings. Hmm cant see them as it is not an option under the doc section, nor does the actual file show up in the list , just an image in in the display area. I could be a bug in laser web)

The doco does not mention if you are supposed to set the mat height  i or not but follows on to talk about setting mat height inthe next section.  HMM.  Okay I go into machine settings and set the default height to 10mm( mat ) assuming that this is where it is set

Run the job and it works giving me an offset of + 3-4 (All 3 lines look good)

I stop here and load up a Vector image to cut.  There is an option to set the height when generating the Gcode here.  

More confusion

  1. Is this the height of the material only as the rest is in the Machine settings?

  2. Does this overwrite any settings or is this material only ( makes it simple)

  3. Was I supposed to run the calibrate with the 10mm set for the mats in the machine settings.

I assume that I did it correctly but for a noob it is very confusing given all the different files and directions)

Can someone pls clarify and if there are errors on the Web site / Doco resolve them.

Tks  Paul V

Hi Paul,

The new calibration process is described in the latest user manual (v1.6) on page 18.



On our Help Centre, if you type the word ‘calibration’ in the search field, the first option that appears id the Emblaser 2 Calibration Process. You can get to it from here:


Calibration cards were not included in the early machines shipped as customers relied on using plain white copy paper to perform this task. This will still work with the new process but since then we have decided to start including some calibration cards with each machine.


To answer your questions:

1: The ‘starting height’ is the height to the top of your material loaded in the workspace. If you are using 3mm plywood and sitting it on top of the cutting mats, then this value would be (3+10) 13mm.

The calibration value, once entered into the settings, will automatically be used when generating gcode for your jobs. You do not need to worry about it after you have entered it in the ‘tool-offset’ section as explained on page 18.

2: Not sure what you are asking here.

3: Once you load the calibration gcode file into laserweb, no other values matter or are taken into consideration. Simply load the gcode file, place a sheet of paper on the cutting mats and run the job.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you need more help.

Tks Dominic

The reason for Q2 is there are two locations to enter starting height.

There is a option in Machine settings below tool offset called Default starting height. This I set to 10mm for the mats

There is also a setting called start height when you generate  G code.


Edit I just tested, the default starting height machine value gets inserted into the the ‘Start height’ entry on the Gcode panel suggests that this is the final vlaue for the Gcode.

Looking at the final actual generated code z is set to

Pass Z Height 12mm (Offset: 2mm) ( default + offset)

If I change value in Start height in Gcode area to say 15 I get:

; Pass Z Height 17mm (Offset: 2mm).

So basicallly the  machine ‘default start height’ is cool if you are cutting a whole lot of same thickness material and do not want to have to enter a value in start height, as it is pre configured for you if you set machine default to your material plus ( mats,base, etc), otherwise leave it empty.

The calibration gcode is different from your web site to whats in the machine memory after the firmware upgrade… 

Tks again.

More to learn…



Tks Paul.


Hi Paul,

Yes, you are correct with the heights and offsets.

Use the latest calibration file from our Help Centre. It is newer than what shipped with your machine. You could always copy the latest file onto your EMBLASER2 drive so it’s easy to locate if you ever need to run it again.

The firmware update doesn’t change the extra contents of the machine memory.