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Newbie has some questions on Emblaser 1



I’ve been looking for a laser cutter for awhile now and came across the Darkly Labs Emblaser series, which may be what I’m looking for to

* cut out balsa and plywood for model aircraft construction

* cut leather and vinyl for various crafts

* photo etch image

Can owners please advice me if the Emblaser 1 is suitable for these tasks AND

would the 3w or 4w bemost suitable for the aforementioned.



Hi Steve,
Yes the EMB1 is suitable.

As a hobbyist this would be the ideal machine for your needs.

As you will be cutting a lot, I’d say go with the 4watt.

The 3 watt will work- it will just take longer and need more passes.

G’day Steve,

Have you checked out the gallery thread in the forum archive yet?


All projects were done on the Emblaser 1, some 3W and some 4W, so will give you a good basic idea of the capabilities of the different lasers powers  and the variety of things the Emblaser 1  can do.


Chris J.

Important note to all laser users. Vinyl and vinyl related products (PVC) release chlorine gas when cut or otherwise heated with a laser. In sufficient concentrations, it is dangerous to human beans, but in even tiny concentrations, it is damaging to laser components. Steer clear of vinyl sign material or use a knife-based cutter.

Hi Josh, Chris and Fred

Thanks for your replies, I should have mentioned I have read all the download material/manuals and checked out the projects, but there is no better advice than users ‘hands on’ experiences.

The Emblaser has to be the best kept secret for Laser cutters(and its Aussie), I can’t believe that it has slipped under my radar while researching for my needs.

One final question… Emblaser 1 or 2 for my needs.

thanks again

I have both. For what you listed the Emblaser 1 is perfectly fine and I still use mine regularly  because its more portable so I can carry it outside to use if its a nice day and  I prefer the Software (Vectric and Picengrave) that it uses over Laserweb, it just won’t cut as thick materials. 

Thanks everyone for responding to Steve on his questions.

The only thing to consider is that the E1 software is mainly Windows based. The E2 natively supports both Win and OSX.


I didn’t mean to come down too hard on Laserweb, its a work in progress and its good at what it does but I find Cut2Dlaser very convenient because of its comprehensive CAD abilities, Laserweb currently is more a gcode converter/sender.

Like Chris said EMB1 will be fine.
But if you have money to burn, get the EMB2.
If I had money I’d have ordered the EMB2 by now purely because it’s enclosed with built in extraction and has more possibilities.