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New User Observations and questions

All the E2 people…

Let me just start off by saying how excited I am to finally have the E2 in my house! So after setting up the air assist, and finishing the setup and calibration I ran the logo test engrave. Some observations and questions:

* The machine is beautiful, and felt solid and well constructed of quality parts.

* The air assist isn’t difficult to install, but the tube is really difficult to thread through the molded hose bracket. The tolerances between the tubing and the bracket are really tight and I had to steady the laser head  with one hand. while pulling the tube through with the other. A little more force than I was comfortable with exerting on the assembly.  Maybe adjust the tolerances on the bracket so you don’t have to put so much stress on things to thread it through. I think they should offer an option to have it factory installed…I would have paid an up charge for that.

* It was packed well and arrived in perfect shape regardless of a few ouches on the outside of the box and the corners were a little wrinkled.

* When installing the air assist, I was unsure how much hose and where to put the noise suppressor inside the electronics pod. They should be more specific in the instructions about that.

* There is no mention in the manuals about where the laser homes to, or if you should home it initially. Also I am confused as to why it homes to the upper left hand corner, but Origin {0, 0} like AutoCAD is in the lower left corner? Shouldn’t the home be the origin? Maybe not…

* It beeps… I wish they would mention that in the manual, what they mean…how many you should hear…if that means a good thing or a bad thing

* I was trying to jog the laser head around with the software, but it seems to move really slow. I guess I can turn up the jog speed.

* Are there limit switches? Or can I accidentally over run the limits and bang the carriage into something?

* It took about 40 minutes to do the logo engrave. Is that normal? just curious…

* I am a little confused about the software and the project setup. I ran a Full Spectrum laser briefly and you had to clearly define the lines of vector (cut) and areas of raster (engrave). Its similar in Laserweb with engrave and fill, but when I did the logo engrave I didn’t have to tell it lines from fill. I just imported the same image and changed the parameters. The software knows just to cut around the outside edges of the fill?

* The logo came out perfect, some slight inconsistencies in the darkness of the fill, but the corrugated I used wasn’t perfectly flat, and it was thinner than the corrugated packaging the laser came in (I didn’t want to damage the box!) I adjusted the starting height accordingly but I might not have been focused perfectly…but like I said it came out very nice.

* Do I have to work in mm? I would rather work in inches, but mm seems more precise…I guess I will have to go buy a digital caliper than displays in mm!

* Has anyone done image (raster) engraving? Are there some basic settings? I know with other lasers you have to do some extensive photo editing to get them to laser correctly…is that the case with Laser web? Or can you just use a good quality image and just adjust the settings for your individual materiel used, without extensive editing in Photoshop?

Overall I am really satisfied with my E2 so far. I have an extensive wood shop and I want to do materiel testing on scrap woods like Maple, Oak, Walnut, Birch, Cherry, Purpleheart. I see there is a materiel testing file so that will be my next task!

Any comments or answers appreciated.

I too just revived mine and notice the beep when it goes to (0,300) on start i believe it just means the machine is ready.

I also had a lot of questions about how to use and run a cut/engrave I would assume the RUN JOB button would start the cutting and engraving processes but on my machine it only moved the laser to point (0,300) or just stayed there if it was already at that point?

can some one make a step by step video guide to how to use the emblaser2 and the laser web together?     

Hi Adam…you could probably try this link for an overview on Laserweb/E2:


Also suggest you go through as many posts as possible (if not all) on the community, it would help you to learn a lot.

I just discovered the laserweb overview video. Excellent information on how to navigate and use the software for different processes. I wish it went in to run the job so you could see the results, especially with the raster engrave. I also spent the evening reading almost every E2/ laserweb post on the site! That alone answered allot of my questions. I was having a problem with the laser not being able to move or home if I stopped or cancelled a job. I uninstalled laserweb and installed the most recent version and that fixed it. I also noticed in the video what speed he was jogging the laser head at and adjusted mine the same. The forum is a great source of information.

Also I noticed that my jobs were coming in smaller than the way I laid them out in inkscape. I found the answer in a post about that exact problem. You need to set the default size for svgs in the setup to 90. It comes in at 72 as default. Once I did that, things seemed sized properly. The more I play with the laser the more comfortable I get and I’m starting to get excited about what I can do with it!

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Hi David,

Thank you for the extensive thoughts and comments. We appreciate you taking the time to make a note of these. Here are some replies and answers for you:

Hose-Supressor - We will update our instructions to include this information. Right now it can just sit anywhere in the section with the electronics.

Machine Homing - The Emblaser 2 homes to the top-left hand side of the machine. This is designed to keep the laser and cabling out of the way while you place and remove materials from the workspace.

Beeping - We will add more information to the User Manual about this.

At present the following beeps can occur:

  • 2 short beeps - machine has homed and is ready
  • 1 long + 2 short beeps - machine has completed a job and returned to home position
  • Continuous beep - WARNING! Either an overheating situation has occurred or material ignition has been detected.

Limit Switches - There are limit switches but only for homing purposes. You can accidentally overrun the workspace. This will not damage the machine but will make a loud noise.

Units : Laserweb only supports metric units (mm). 

Raster engraving - Please check this tutorial on how we determine the best settings for materials:


Tutorials : We have more tutorials in the works. Coming soon.