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New life for a broken light

Made up this cardboard mockup of a replacement light cover for the glass one that was broken. 

Wanted to make up a silhouette light for the kid and came up with this.

Used the 6mm corrugated cardboard that came as packing for the E2, and got my cutting setting dialed in nicely for clean cuts where almost every piece jsut fell out nicely after the cut and no charring on back side.

Was cut on the silicone mats at 250mm/min, 3 passes with no change in height and air assist ON (now saved in materials cutting list for easy future use)

First try the cardboard caught fire with air assist off.

also cut some scrap paper for the diffuser and taped them inside to see affect, not sure what i will use in the final one, any idas?

pretty happy and ready to go with 3mm MDF now.


G’day Cameron,


That looks great. Specialist art supply shops stock a lot of different styles of paper, its worth checking them out and experimenting with different effects. Japanese style rice paper or similar can be very effective and give a diffused light

If you intend using MDF, just be aware that it does soot up the lens very quickly and reduces cutting power markedly, so a lens cleaning kit should be on your list of things to buy!

Hi Chris, does the lens soot up even if using air assist? Thanks for the info on the paper

Mine did. I think it being an enclosed area means the soot can’t escape because my unenclosed Emblaser 1 that I use outside, usually in a stiff breeze  has never had that issue. Its no drama though, I just wipe mine with a cotton swab coated in Isopropyl alcohol and I went from not being able to cut 3mm ply in 6 passes, to cutting it in 2.

Looks great Cameron. Well done.

As you noticed, corrugated cardboard has an easy tendency to ignite if not monitored closely OR very fine details are attempted to be cut. The air-assist will help reduce this but will not completely eliminate it. Anyone working with this type of material should be extra vigilant to monitor their machines.