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New Emblaser software on its way - LightBurn

We are very excited to announce that there will soon be a completely new and improved way to work with your Emblaser.

This new software solution is called LightBurn.

We have been working with the developer on supporting both the Emblaser 1 and 2 range of machines as well as making firmware modifications to our machines for improved functionality.

We will be posting more information about this as we get closer to the release. In the meantime, here are some of the basic features:

  • Cross platform compatibility (Mac & Windows).

  • Seamless control over the Emblaser 1 & 2.

  • One stop solution for cutting and photo engraving.

  • Support for all major formats (DXF, SVG, AI, PDF, BMP, JPG, PNG).

  • Very simple and intuitive interface.

  • Vast improvement over LaserWeb for the Emblaser 2.

  • Inbuilt ‘wizards’ to walk you through calibration and maintenance processes.

  • Dedicated and responsive development team

More to come.


I also would like to mention that the LightBurn development team will be involved with this discussion group.

Posting questions, problems, suggestions etc will be seen by the team developing the software.


So glad to hear this…I was hoping it would be LightBurn when you mentioned this a few weeks ago! I first heard about this software in a laser engraving page on Facebook and I have been on their website watching videos and tutorials ever since. I love the GUI and from what I have seen so far it looks like it is just what we need to really get the most out of the E2 with the least hassle. I noticed while watching the setup video that under the machine setup screen I see Darkly Labs logos for machine choices. If I downloaded the trial software would I be able to use it now or do we have to wait for a firmware upgrade for it to function on our machines now? Also, will we have to pay for this software upgrade? Will LightBurn be able to finally let us use the alignment camera built into the E2?

Hi David,

We definitely figured you would like this announcement!

For now, there are a few bits and pieces that need finishing off before you can reliably start using the software with the E1 & E2. It’s not far off.

A particular change to the E2 firmware involves not mounting the Emblaser2 drive on the host computer. This helps resolve a reliability issue on Mac computers in particular. As a result, LightBurn needs a way to allow for firmware updating, which the LB team is currently working on implementing.

There will be a small upgrade cost for LightBurn. We will put up details of this very soon.

One of the great things about LB is that it has a very experienced and talented development team. A big part of us choosing this as our software solution involved being able to implement the workspace camera functionality. As this is a complex feature, we have decided to initially release the software, while this is being implemented. This will allow customers to start enjoying their Emblasers with LB as quickly as possible.



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This is fantastic news! I’m am so excited for this software and your hard work in delivering a superior product.

Kudos to you and your software team for leading the charge in solid UX and support of the Mac platform for lasers.

This is just incredible and opens so many doors for us creative mac types :slight_smile:

Full credit goes the the LightBurn team for this!

Having gone through the video clips on the Lightburn website I have to say that I am sure this is the right direction for the Emblaser range of systems. The designers clearly have a thorough understanding of laser cutters and their approach to designing the software to take total control of the combined system of machine and software is excellent.

I am sure the Laserweb issues will be history within a short time and I will be switching across to this exciting development as soon as it becomes available. If we can get away from the clunky Java implementation of Laserweb it will be great, how often have I sat there waiting for it to respond to what I have typed in only to find I have made a mistake with the cutting speed because it is just so damn slow!

Well done Darkly and let’s help them and the Lightburn team build this into a great product.



This is excellent news! In particular, because my computer’s graphic card does not support LaserWeb - it’s on Chrome’s GPU blacklist, and since LaserWeb is running on Chromium…


  • Daniel


As a MAC user im very excited by this!!!

Great news, I am happy to hear this! The machine I have ordered will arrive here in the next week. It would be great to avoid the learning curve of Laserweb and to use this promising software instead…

Great news! Waiting impatiently…

Sounds promising to be a massive improvement for the E2 users, but as an E1 user is there much benefit anticipated vs continuing with Vectric? (Apart from the raster engraving option which I’d really like to have.)

@Nic Perhaps the most noticeable benefit users will notice is the seamless integration with the E1, as well as being Mac and Win compatible.

All control is direct from LightBurn with no extra streaming programs needed.

We’ve heard the developers are fairly responsive, too.  :wink:


Take my money…!

Thanks Domenic. Sounds good. Definitely interested pending the upgrade cost.

I may have missed it sorry, but what was the expected timeline on availability?

@lightburn, ha ha, I like it!

Any news yet on release date. It must be close?



It is very close - Darkly has a few things they want to get ready on their end, such as tutorial videos, and we have one feature that needs completing (the material database) before the release. I can’t give a hard date, but “very soon”.


Very much looking forward to it :slight_smile:

using Google Translator

Do I need to purchase additional LightBurn software programs?

What is the price if you make a purchase?