New Emblaser Firmware released (v210)

We have just released an updated firmware version (v210) for the Emblaser 2 & Core.

Changes include:

  • Fixed bug preventing ‘Smoothie Clustering’ from working correctly when set in LightBurn. This will be very useful when engraving with the 10W laser unit.

  • Updated startup homing sequence to help clear homing trigger in the event the laser is all the way to the back of the machine.

Download it from our Help Centre here:

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After receiving a great question about ‘Smoothie Clustering’, I thought it was worth sharing a bit more about what clustering is and why it is important given the release of the 10W Laser Unit.

Smoothie Clustering is a way of compressing the commands sent to the Emblaser. This is essential for images, where there are many power changes that without clustering can cause a bottleneck in the Emblaser’s path planning, having a direct impact on the machine’s speed and therefore overall job times.

Clustering does this by grouping multiple varying power values with a single move command, instead of the non-clustering approach of having a move command with each and every power change.

This increases the Emblaser’s ability to ‘look ahead’ at the upcoming path and make educated changes to acceleration, allowing for a higher maximum speed, particularly in straight lines such as each ’scan’ move across an image during engraving.

With the 10W Laser Unit having the capability to run a far greater speed while producing the same image engrave results as the standard Laser Unit, being able to utilise this power by reducing the bottleneck in path planning was critical in lowering overall job times.

If you have any questions, please let me know!