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New Emblaser 2

Hello from Canada everyone,

I recently purchased the Emblaser 2 (a few weeks ago).

I have been experiencing some issued getting off the ground. I have been reading a bunch of posts in here and I see some were from a few years back. Can someone confirm if these setting are still accurate for the Emblaser 2?


3mm MDF

100% power / Start height 11.5mm / 1 pass / Speed 110mm/min


6mm MDF

100% power/ Start height 13mm / 4 passes / pass depth 0.25mm / Speed 120mm / min


I guess I should give it a test run and post results.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community Site!

If you are using the silicon mats as a support, you should have 10mm entered in the Support field. The Material value should be the same as the material thickness, ie: 3.0mm or 6.0mm.


For 3mm MDF: Power 100%, Speed 200mm/min, 4 - 6 passes, Air Assist ON

For 6mm MDF: Power 100%, Speed 200mm/min, 6 - 10 passes, Air Assist ON

MDF can vary a lot due to moisture content and other factors, so you will need to tune this. 6.0mm may be quite difficult to get good results with.

You could add a Z Step per pass  of 0.5mm, this will lower the laser with each pass.


Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions or require any clarification on the above.


Best regards,



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