New 10W Laser Unit and Leather?

Apologies if this has been posted somewhere else but has the new 10W laser been tested on leather? I really need something with more precision than the current (updated quartz) lens that is on my Emblaser 2. I’ve found that having more power doesn’t help much if it’s at the cost of precision when it comes to cutting leather.
Hoping this 10w might improve my production time-- the old Emblaser 2 lens worked better for me but are no longer available and I don’t know where to purchase them here in the US. Plus they would go bad quickly so I would rather not go back to them.

We have not done any tests with the 10W Laser Unit on leather at this stage.
Can you please provide some details or an image of a typical job (is it mainly cutting, engraving, etc.) and I will see if we can run a test in the next week or so.

Hi Lliam. Thanks for looking into this. Below are some links of typical products I make out of leather — it’s mainly cutting I’m interested in. The leathers are usually around 5oz and veg tans or oil tans and these have been cut with the Emblaser 2. I don’t need anything that complicated. Tests of simple shapes in similar thickness leather would be helpful and a comparison of the current Emblaser 2 laser/lens and the new 10w.