N scale (1/160) German Locomotive Shed build

This is my N scale (Canadian quarter for scale!) interpretation of the prototype locomotive shed in Rosenheim in the south of Germany. This was all cut on my Emblaser Core from 2.5mm MDF, a variety of cardstock and thin laser board. The files were all drawn in Adobe Illustrator before being brought into Lightburn. The engine doors are hinged on tiny rare earth magnets on steel music wire. The doors can open and close but not automatically as there was not enough room to hide a bunch of servos under the roof! I have a roundhouse model I am almost finished with that will use micro-servos for operating doors. This model still needs some more weathering and a proper floor but the main building is complete. Of course the surrounding area on my layout is still very unfinished!


Incredible work!
Thanks for posting this. I can’t wait to see the roundhouse with micro-servos!