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My View on Cut2D V8.5 an Vtransfer

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OK, I started using V8.5 Cut2D Laser some time ago and found it was a backward step from V8.0 for the Emblaser.

  - Firstly, Vtransfer caused issues where the laser head would just stop and burn a hole (experienced by others)

 - Secondly, I  abandoned Vtransfer and run PicSender. However, there is still an issue whereas the laser head will move very very slowly when sending a job, causing excessive burning. (I use Picsender on two other CNC machines with no issue so believe the issue lies with the Vectric software)

  • I sometimes got an error where having multiple  “tools” (fills, speeds, laser power) caused an error when saving the toolpath to a single file. The error read similar  to “The visible toolpaths use different tools and the selected Post Processor does not support toolchanging”    Note: This may have been fixed in the latest patch.  This error is relevant to CNC routing but not laser work.

In conclusion, I  reverted back to V8.0 as I find I have no issues with this version.