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My tester makes so far... Very pleased with the emblaser and cut2D

Some of these are from sites like - Thingiverse - some were made by me for friends or as fun tests to get used to the machine and software.

Im currently working on my own lamp design (central picture) including Oak tree and Stag design.

I cant believe how much i have learnt in such a short time - all thanks to the brilliant community here and the time people have put into helping others.


thanks everyone :slight_smile:



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Well done!

The map came out especially well - clear black lines rather than brown. Can I ask what the timber is that you used for that?

Chris J

Hi chris - it was a friends coffee table top. I think it was pine - had a very thin varnish. - and i used vectors rather then raster.

3w Emblaser 1, 100% power at 26mm/sec


We were very impressed with the results!

Thanks. That is very impressive. What size is it roughly?

Looking forward to seeing the lamp.


It only just fit in the a4 emblaser… I think it was around 300-400mm in diameter.

It was just a small coffee table off amazon for £36 he said.






Thanks Josh thats a great ad for the Emblaser 1… Personally I’'m finding my Emblaser 1 does everything my Emblaser 2 does, unless you want to cut thicker things out.


I am though trying to figure out how you came to doing it.

I’m thinking it wasn’t like this…

Him: I just boiught this coffee table…

You: Well I just bought this laser cutter…


If you are intending to do more laser engraving, then give the picengrave software a go, it is brilliant.

Yeah i need to spend more time with pic engrave and pic sender - i did the ‘I AM GROOT’ keyrings with that software.


I just wish the software ‘skipped’ bits that dont need to be engraved to speed it up.


When i do a photo sized engraving 5x11 it takes 8 hours… i tried icreasing the mm/min but it seams to top out and go no faster?



Look’n good Josh! From seeing yours, now I think the lizard puzzle pcs are next up on the to-do list.  A big box of them in different colors could keep the kids busy!

Wayne, they look even better in perspex!!

Hi again Josh,

In case you haven’t seen them there are posts in the archive area of this forum that might help with your picengrave issues.

This one shows various settings for the 3W Emblaser:


And this one shows how to do 3D (actually 2.5D engraving, again with the 3W diode:


AS to your question about skipping the white background, there is a setting in picengrave to enable this but you might have to edit your picture in something like photoshop, Corelpaint or Gimp to change the background to truly white for it to work.

Chris J

Cheers Chris, I’m checking it out now.