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My first pictures

Hi all did a photo of my father as a trial. It’s on a bamboo chopping board. Has lots of lines in it but the picture itself is pretty clear. I’m happy with it. 

That’s perfect. Perfectly centered - how did you go about getting that so well positioned?

Also, These cutting boards are pretty trendy at the moment, but I wonder what people do with them? Surely you wouldn’t cut cheese or bread on this?  :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tom

Well I got the measurements of the darker middle of the board and the measurement of the picture and got the difference and halfed that so I new how much room there would be on either side. I then used the jogging on the Picsender to start from that point on the job. A bit of fiddling around but it works. It’s a pity there isn’t a working area in Piclaser would make it so much easier then.

I’m not sure exactly what these boards are for, probably just for show for the look of it.