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Motorcycle Engraving

It’s Friday afternoon and we have just been testing out some engravings on the E2.

Here is the image from our ‘Jigsaw Puzzle Tutorial’ engraved onto some plywood. We used the default settings from the material database.



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By the way, if you look carefully at the orange image, you can see a new addition to the E2. It’s a silicon boot that replaces the previous air-assist nozzle parts. This performs better than the original air-assist brass nozzle, will never clog and also prevents the lens from becoming dirty for far longer.

We developed this out of a specific silicon compound which deforms if it ever collides with your material, preventing any damage to the optics or z-drive.

This can be fitter to any E2 with or without the air-assist installed.

They will soon be available on our website as our bulk stock arrives.

That is exceptional.