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motorbike seat

So here is my first big project.  Motorbike seat, veg tanned leather, engrave, stained and laced. Very happy, this is what i bought the emblaser to do. cheers


Looks fantastic.

Looks like you have mastered the Emblaser on leather!

I’m sure everyone here would love to see the process you go through to create this result. Any chance to take some progress photos on your next project and share?

Thanks domenic, not much to share really.  Most of the work is done in photoshop. First I found the image on the web and had permission from the artist to use it. Then I deleted the white background in photoshop. I then pasted the image on to the “cracked” background that i also got from the web.  I already had the motorbike pan shape as a black outline.  I then pasted the image with new background on to the pan outline and erased the crackled areas i didn’t want to engrave.  When i had the image as i wanted, i saved it as a bmp.  I then loaded that image into PicLaser.  The engraving took about 10 hours!  Here are the image stages.  cheers





Beautifully executed.  Seems a shame to imagine someone sitting on it.  Belongs on a wall.

That’s stunning, thanks for sharing.

Looks fantastic Caroline.

wow…amazing! Well done!