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More power now I have Light Burn

*Cough, evil genius laugh, cough*

Now I have this funky new software to play with I am thinking of doing a little DIP switch playing but don’t want to fry my toy.

How can I tell which laser diode I have (Yes Dom I looked at the old Kickstarter emails but I can’t find it)



It is difficult to decisively check this as the look of the diodes have changed slightly over time.

We started attaching a label to the diodes once the 4 watt was introduced to help with this.

The majority of Kickstart orders were the 3 watt diode. This means you can try to increase the current to around 2200mA.

Yeah, I did find another thread where I tried to convince you to sell me a raw 4w diode to bolt on the side of the CNC router; you talked me out of it. :slight_smile:

I’ll crank up to 2200mA and report back, cutting some guitar picks out of bamboo.
Most of my laser work has just been cutting paper, I make tracings of DXF files to check size and fit before I put expensive timber through t he CNC router. I might now reconsider that use case.




Me??..talk you out of something like that???

Hmm…what ever possessed me!


I find my E2 cuts the bamboo ply from Plyco in Melbourne very cleanly. I get the odd stringy piece of grain that refuses to cut, but they are the thickness of cotton thread and easy to work around once spotted.