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More engraving on Leather

I am still being amazed at the detail i can get from the emblaser. Loving my Emblaser 1.   

Leather engraving measuring 10cm x 6 on veg tanned leather.

Totally impressive!

Is this a scanned bitmap, or drawn with vectors from scratch?

hey Michael, jpeg from web, into photoshop… 300dpi…saved as bmp. Into PicengravePro, changed size down, engraved on about 15% power. cheers

Awesome work again Caroline.

Very nice!

Hi Caroline,

I would like to know what process you follow to clean your leather after engraving.

I use Veg Tan Leather, and found that even trying to wipe the image with a wet cloth can smear black over the image and spoiling it.  I read somewhere that using a brush and light soapy water works but have not tried that.

Any tips you could share would be appreciated.


Hi Marius, i just put some dish detergent on my hand and then with lightly flowing water, use my soapy hand to wash the surface. Not to much water and be quick, you dont want the leather wet through. cheers