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Model of a railway goods shed



my first bigger project with the emblaser 2 is a german goods shed with office, built at one of the oldest narrow gauge lines. I used MDF 1, 2 and 3 mm and cardboard from chocolate boxes.

The Laser is great at delicate detail, but the 3mm MDF pushed the envelope a bit (at least at my skill level, I’m still at the start of the learning curve…)


Nice work Michael.

Please keep sharing photos as you progress through your project.

Very nice. What scale is it?

Nice work

Thanks for the kind comments! It’s  0 scale btw., 1/45 ratio. The underlying cutting mat has a grid in cm.


Michael, that’s lovely, delicate work;  and chocolate boxes are very appropriate for that railway.



Hey Michael,

Do you have any pics of this building in it’s environment?

Hi Domenic,

well, the model is not finished yet, and the prototype is long gone. All documents to work from were a front view and a footprint in a reprint of a book printed in 1882, and the note: “All buildings were erected in half-timbered, raw brickwork.”

Btw here’s a pic of a painted sidewall, yet to be weathered. The timberwork was cut from 0.3mm cardboard, painted and glued on:



Thanks for the comments to both of you!

Wow! Very nice with the detail and surface touches!