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Mobile Emblaser 2

I was wondering if anyone has installed their emblaser in a mobile workshop?  We have a large van that we are thinking of turning into a laser/art studio on wheels and traveling to different venues, working and selling at each location.  Are there any specific steps that would be required to keep my emblaser 2 in working order?

thanks for any input.

Debbie, better late than never!

The Emblaser can be considered a portable machine. You can move it around without losing your calibration, like you would with a CO2 laser.

The things to consider are trying to avoid heavy bumps and knocks while it is being transported.

We would recommend parking the laser into the rear right corner of the machine while you are transporting it. This will reduce the risk of damage it it receives a heavy bump.

Finally, for the last few months we have been including a set of supports cut from 6mm plywood for supporting the rails during international shipping. The two supports help protect the machine during shipping. If you would like this design, please let us know.