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Misaligned Circles

Hi all out there in Laser world,


I have recently come across an issue when attempting to cut line up words and cut circles.


The process was importing Adobe Illustrator words as one file then creating another layer and importing the circles.

Problem started with the misalignment of the words which were perfectly straight in viewing and documentation. Then I thought well maybe the circles will align in the same manner, honestly was not fussed as long as the end result was word inside circle.

What could I possibly have done wrong or is there a misalignment issue with my Emblaser Core.

FYI all other projects seem to be perfect.


Happy for any suggestions to troubleshoot.



Hi Julie,

Can you please email me the LightBurn file you are using for this project. I would just like to check for anything obvious.




Well the misaligned demon has struck again. Thinking I had sorted the problem sorted but it looks like I hadn’t.

Dominic here is the setup on Lightburn and again the misalignment.

Pls email me this LightBurn file to check.

Well to all who may have come across this issue well it is now fixed.


After almost pulling out my hair for days with checking settings, programs, software and reinstalling my ECore from scratch it was just a simple setting I had changed…user error !

Domenic figured out the issue within a few steps and I could not thank him enough for his help…truly a specialist in his field.