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Mirror engraving

tried some mirror engraving today. I think the choice of photo plays a big part in the success of the engraving. The photo i used had to many dark areas and very bright areas. Anyway here is the result and original photo. Engraved on back of mirror using PEP5 and then back painted black. Gee its hard to take pic of a mirror, cheers


Great result Caroline.

Excellent results Caroline.

What I like about laser engraving on the back of mirrors, back lighting them gives you similar results as a lithophane even with shading, but also gives very good results not back lighting them. I have to agree that taking a picture of them is very difficult without a reflection of you and the camera showing in the mirrors reflection. 


Hi Caroline,

Beautiful work! I’m interested in what settings you used. Did you dither the image and what kind of black paint did you use? Flat black, spray etc?

Thank you.


Hi mark, in PEP5 (metric)  speed 3000. power max 250 min 0.  Skip white, Used pep5 to change to greyscale, and engrave ellipse,  no dithering or anything else. I just used some matte black paint (two coats)put on with brush on the back.  I am wondering if the darkness on the right side may be variation in the grey stuff on the back of the mirror. cheers

Thank you Caroline.