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Mini-ITX PC case for Laser Cutter


I needed a new PC for my Laser stuff, so I designed a tiny case. I only needed a mainboard from eBay and an external power supply from Amazon. The Emblaser 2 cutted the parts perfectly.

  • Mini-ITX board, 6,7 × 6,7 inch / 17 x 17cm
  • AMD A10 3.4 GHz, quad core CPU
  • Ubuntu 20.04 and Lightburn for Linux
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD
  • connected to a 23" touchscreen monitor
  • silent CPU fan

I was concerned that heat could be a problem, but the workload is very low. Creating and lasering designs is not very demanding on the hardware.

My next project: a lid :slight_smile:

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Excellent project.

You are one of the only people we know running LightBurn on Linux!

@Dominic: Thank you :slight_smile: That’s strange and funny. I thought that more hobbyists would use Linux. Btw: Linux recognizes the Emblaser 2 as a USB Smoothieware board. But Lightburn can’t find the machine. Connecting via Wifi works perfectly. I just have to ask Lightworks if my key can be reset. I had changed my PC and activated the software too often. ;)   … I also use Vectric Cut 2D for Windows from my Emblaser 1 on Ubuntu (with Wine Emulator installed). Behaves like any other app.

I will bring this to the attention of the LightBurn team and see whether they can resolve this connection problem.

Have you added your user account or LightBurn to the dialout group in Linux?  If not, the software will not have access to USB serial devices.



@Domenic: Thank you! After I followed the instructions, Lightburn found the Emblaser 2 via USB. That’s great :slight_smile: