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MDF Pencil Holder and Acrylic Safety Sign

Here’s a couple of fun (materials testing) projects I have cut with the Emblaser 2

The MDF pencil holders design can be found here:
I paid a small donation to get a password to download - but you can look for free. There is an English tab if you don’t speak German :wink:
(1 coat of polyurethane on 3mm MDF)

The acrylic safety sign is from Darkly Labs Laser safety PDF here:

I also made the Square Rule (2 coats of clear polyurethane on 3mm MDF)

I am still amazed at the accuracy of the Emblaser 2
The fine lines around the chin on that little sign are 1mm thick!
The acrylic cuts beautifully. Clean cuts, but very smelly

Cheers, Tom.

That sign looks brilliant,
Nice work.

Well done. We really like to see these diverse projects.

Thanks for the comments.

I think it’s nice and helpful to share projects and show people what’s possible. I know that before I bought my E2, and especially while I was waiting for the delivery, I lapped up any images of things people have made.