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Material Test Vector


Just wondering if anyone has a material test vector that they use with settings already set up that they can share?  

Looking for range of speeds and powers to determine optimal settings for cutting and etching.

I could set something up myself but wondered if there is something out there to save me the time…



Hi Joel,

We have just published a tutorial on how we determine the best engraving settings for a material. It is based around the Emblaser 2 but can easily be adopted for the Emblaser 1.


You can use the file included as a starting point.

We will be publishing a similar article on cutting shortly.

Thanks for the link - that gave me some inspiration to create my own template for the Emblaser 1!  I tweaked it slightly so I could have multiple powers and 4 speeds on one test sample.  Worked out pretty good on 3mm walnut which I can now refer to when doing jobs on that material. The lines in the center were an attempt to do some trials on cutting settings… which didn’t work so well. :slight_smile:


Excellent tutorial. Thank you