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Material Suppliers (other than ply)

Does anyone have any places they recommend (Australian suppliers) for materials other than ply / mdf?
I especially welcome suppliers from Brisbane!

I recently made a purchase from AlfexCnc and they have been great. I purchased 3mm solid hardwood boards 115x600 for $13 and also bought some Acrylic and bamboo from them also. They also have a veneered timber that I want to try. (http://www.alfexcnc.com.au)

I have also looked into acrylicsonline to purchase acrylic but haven’t purchased from them yet (still using up my Alfex stock).

I have looked at some stuff from plyco but everything I want is normally sold out online.

Does anyone have any other recommendations?


I can vouch for plyco, there beech laserply is super flat and quite dense. I’m trying out their eucalyptus and bamboo currently, they seem much lighter and easier/faster to cut and engrave.


Thanks Mad - I’ve got nothing, but I’m interested too!