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Material data base

My material database file is empty within LightBurn.  Is there a populated material data base file I can access for my E2?

Hi Daryl,

Here is a link to the current Emblaser 2 material Library: LINK

I spoke with the developers and they are aware of this situation.



You likely installed before LightBurn was officially released for the Emblaser. The material library is set up for you when the Emblaser ‘Quick Setup’ runs, which only happens if you have no devices configured (it’s how we tell you’re running for the first time).  If you delete your device from the devices list and re-run, you’ll be asked which Emblaser you have, and where to put the library, and that’s it.  Alternatively, Domenic has provided the file for you to download and simply load into the library.

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Hi all,

I had this problem of empty Library and resolved it finding this topic. It was with version 0.6.8 or older on MacOSX.

Now I updated to LightBurn 0.7.1 my Library is empty again.


I can’t resolve it this time. I forget how I did first.

I download the library from the Link here, the file come with an .xml extension name (E2_5W_MK1_Library.clb.xml).

The system don’t allow me to remove the extension name .xml (it allow, but adds .xml immediately)…

After some tricks I was able to remove the extra name file and have this file: E2_5W_MK1_Library.clb


I open LighBurn, go to the Library Tab and click “Load”. The next window ask me to choose the file.


The file can’t be selected, is in grey and not black writed.


  1. The update reseted my library

  2. I forget how to add your library

  3. Is the library something that need to be updated or can I use your provided link with LightBurn 0.7.x?


Thanks so much for your Help