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Marquetry on jewellry box

Made a box for my niece with marquetry inlays. 300mm w x 156mm d x 100mm h.


Top inlay detail

Inside top detail. White dots 2.15mm dia.

Lid inlay areas were routed out.

Box is rosewood.

Corners Matai.

Veneers all 1 mm : Sapelle, bamboo, red beech, swamp kauri and purple heart.

All veneers cut @ 580mm/min  100%  1 pass except for bamboo and purpleheart  which required 2 passes. 4 watt laser


Thats brilliant. I’ve just started trying out marquetry - I’m slowly getting happier with my results  and seeing what you’ve done here gives me confidence that its my current skill level rather than the lasers ability that are holding me back :slight_smile:

Very impressive Joseph.

Well done.

It looks absolutely great :slight_smile:




wow, this is so impressive

Hi Joseph

Just wondering, did you require to run this with any offset when cutting the veneers.



Hi Mark,

Used Cut 2D to do offsets - 00.05 mm each side for my laser.

The amount will depend on the laser cut width.

Here is a diagram of how I decide which way to offset.

Hope this helps.

 I do the inlays separately and usually rotate so that the grain is in the same direction. This looks good when they all align to a common centre.

Look at the petals on the inner medallion.

Just another thought, I usually mark the underside of the veneer with a text hi lighter before cutting.

When finishing/polishing, if one piece is upside down the sheen(chatoyance) can be off and very noticeable.

Thanks for that info Joseph. I had a quick play with some veneer and I have noticed the cut on the reverse side had less of the burn / black outline. It would be awesome if there was not burn line. So I’m thinking I might try cutting some mirror image to see if the black/burnt outline I’d lessened.

Still from the limited use I’ve had I’m very happy with it.

Would be awesome if you could change out the laser and replace with a router and V bit. 2 machines in 1