Mal Lee's experimentations and creations

Here is my latest on acrylic.
acrylic love birds
Tried some layering.


Very nice!
I’m surprised at the finish on the pink - typically we find pink does not perform well as it is closer to white than the solid green, yellow, red and black we recommend - what settings did you use for this?

Hi Lliam,
The first lot of settings on a test shape I used were 100mm/min, 100% power and 5 passes.
I tried again at 150mm/min, 100% power and it took 8 passes to cut through.


Another of my experiments and creations.
I have just got a new ensuite shower rose and hose for my camper and it came in a cardboard box. I have a couple of “surplus to requirements” power tool cases so decided to try one to see if I could get the components to fit.

I cut all the inside moulded plastic (after all, it was designed for a power tool) and found the components fitted but rolled around in the case.

Some 10mm EVA foam camping mats to the rescue.

I drew cutouts for each component, and proceeded to laser cut 4 foam inserts. Each one was the same size, the difference being 1 had 1 cut out, 2 had 2 cutouts and 4 had all 3 cutouts. This was to accommodate the different size and shape of each component and to have them all end up sitting near the top of the case.

I kept all the components to one side so the rolled up hoses could fit in the remaining space.

I did 4 cuts which seemed excessive, but it cut through the 10mm fine leaving only a couple of bits still joined.
(now to clean the lens!)

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Gives me some ideas. I have a few of those cases laying around with no tools in them. They could make a good ‘customised’ holder for other things.