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MagClip - Material Supports

Here is how we support our rigid materials inside the Emblaser at the Lab. 

These magnetic support clips (MagClips) not only keep material firmly in place, but also help flatten out any curvature that may exist.



Parts Needed:

  • 3D Printed parts: LINK
  • M6 Large head connector screws
  • M6 tap to suit
  • 6x6mm rod magnets for body types
  • 4x5mm rod magnets for spike types


Step 1:

3D Print the3 support pieces. We normally have a set of 4x Bodies and 3x Spikes.

Assemble all your parts and tools


Step 2:

Tap the thread into the body supports


Step 3:

Press the magnets into the body and spike pieces


Step 4:


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This is absolutely fantastic, getting hubby to make these today. 

Darkly Labs should possibly consider making these and selling them as an accessory, as I am not sure how many people have a 3D printer at their disposal.


Domenic, would you be able to advise where you purchased the magnets and screws from. Had a trip to Bunnings and they did not sell either of them. 

3D printing done well with files provided thank you

We purchased the magnets from a local company called Aussie Magnets:


The flat head screws came from another local supplier called Keables:


6X16 Connector Bolt Flat Hd Skt Drv



do you place the cutting mats underneath the workpiece once you have placed the MagClips on workpiece?  Would this mean,  that for the MagClips to work, they would rely on the workpiece being larger than the cutting mats?



We use 2 options for this:

1: We don’t use the cutting mats at all. This means that your base plate may become scorched or marked.

2: We re-position / re-orientate the mats to fit under the material.

Hi Domenic,

a friend printed me now 6 bodies and 6 spikes.
The assembly of the magnets and the screws in the body is clear to me.

But … for what I need the spikes ?

I hope that this question is not too stupid :slight_smile:



Hi Gert,

The spikes can be used underneath the material to help support it at the correct height. If you have a big sheet of material that was bowing in the middle, one of these spikes would help push it up.

Hope that makes sense.

No affiliation but have used these guys for years (15) so here is a other option for the magnets.


Is it possible to get the gcode files for these? I don’t have a 3D printer but my brother-in-law does and is willing to make them for me if I give him a gcode file.

Hi Wayne,

As far as I know the GCODE will need to be generated for the specific 3d printer your brother-in-law has.

The usual process is to open the .STL model into their software and generate whatever is needed for their specific 3d printer.


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Got it! I did some research and you’re absolutely right. I was able to talk with the manufacturer of his 3D printer and they sent me to their website and the software and process to convert it for his machine. There’s a lot to learn in this process. Thanks for being patient.