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Lubricant for rails / filter for laser light

Hello everyone,

Just 2 quick questions:

  1. Can I use WD40 as the lubricant for the laser rails or do I need to find something specific?

  2. I am looking to build a viewing window in my laser enclosure and wondered what type of filter I need to consider for filtering the light? Am I looking for a specifc filter for something like U.V. or does it need to be specific to the wavelength of the laser radiation?

Thanks again!


I imagine for a 445nm laser something like this might be ok? https://jtechphotonics.com/?product=445nm-laser-shielding

The best lubricant for so many things of this nature would be that which is PTFE based, also called Teflon. Super Lube is an easy product to find, although they make various products under that name. Look for the PTFE grease. WD40 is not a lubricant, even though it is often used incorrectly as such. Plenty of worn out bicycle chains can attest to that.

Your link does show to be a suitable product for your purposes. I’m pleased to see that it’s such a low price, too.


I’m using the same item from J Tech as the front window in my enclosure. If you don’t want to score and snap, it cuts easily with the laser. J Tech’s blog is a good place as well to get starter settings.

Excellent thanks for the feedback both :slight_smile:

Could I suggest that a mod add this to the hardware tech support page please?

The Emblaser comes with a small satchel of Super-Lube. You only need to use a very small of the grease on the bearings. Too much will just gather on the outside of the bearings and collect debris. This will eventually find it’s way into your bearings and do more damage.

With respect to the JTech optical acrylic we could not find any test report data on this product from their website. Stating an OD with no test reports to back it up is not something we can support.

Our ‘in-house’ tests using the appropriate test equipment showed that 4.5mm red or amber tinted acrylic provided approximately an OD4 rating. Regardless of this we cannot legally sell this acrylic stating this protection level tested by an accredited test lab.

For the Emblaser 2, we are having a completely custom acrylic formulated for our specific requirements. This has undergone all appropriate testing by accredited test labs before being deemed to satisfy all required country’s standards.