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Lost .lbn File folder

Somehow i have lost my .lbn folder. When I click ‘Open’ in the File menu, or ‘Save’ a file,  I’m no longer taken to my saved files folder.

  • I end up in another folder that’s not associated with Lightburn. I have tried to find the saved project folder in the program data but it’s

not there. Where the heck are all my saved projects  ?

Just realised it’s .lbrn but I still can’t find it.

Well i found the Lightburn folder,but most of the files i saved aren’t there- did i delete them ?

God only knows, Sorry to hassle you folks.

Hi Bob,

It is difficult to know exactly where you saved your files to.

Have you tried to use the search function in windows to find all the files with a .lbrn extension?

Yeah I did a search Domenic, I found a few text examples I had saved. But not the main projects I was looking for. I’m just going to have to check each time I save in future. Thanks anyway.