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Lost Emblaser2 in Devices after licensing LightBurn

Hi Together

At first I’ve downloaded the trial of LightBurn. The connection to the E2 in the device section wasn’t a problem and I have allready done a few testing project and they all are working fine.

Now, today, I’ve bought the license and activated LightBurn:


The Problem now:

  • After licensing LightBurn, the SW lost the E2. In the list of the devices it’s no longer existing and its now not possible to connect LightBurn and E2.

  • I’ve allready deinstalled LightBurn, downloaded the newest version again, installed it, licenced it, but E2 allready dos not existing.

  • Further I renamed the prefs.ini. After that, the set-up wizzard appears, but not with E2 included.

  • I have only these devices into the wizzard:

  • I was searching this problem into the community, but I didn’t found anything about it.

At least: I have Windows 10, 64bit.

And here a screenie about the version of LightBurn:

  • Do you have any ideas, why does the E2 is not existing in LightBurn (after licensing)?

  • Any Ideas, what I could do?

Thank you for your suggestions!




Hi Chris,

Did you purchase the update license from our online store?

Hi - I just had this exact problem this morning when I finally registered my LightBurn copy for the College I work at. The license was bought online this morning from the LightBurn home site. Was working really well once the trial was enabled to pick up the Emblaser hardware. But after the key was applied, nothing, unfortunately.


(I’m running OSX 10.13.2)

To use the Emblaser machines, you need to purchase the update license from our store. We provide the key that unlocks the Emblaser devices within LightBurn.

The generic version of LightBurn does not contain these devices.

I recommend you contact the LightBurn team and ask them to refund & cancel your license. Then purchase it directly from our online store here:


Thank you Domenic!

Hi Domenic

Yes, I bought the license directliy from the Shop of LightBurn. Now I will try it with a refund and cancellation.

But does it make sense, to sell existing 2 different versions of a SW-Key with the same features (except the supported devices) in 2 different stores? I’m thinking that James and I are not the only users with the same problem.

2nd question: Is it possible to buy the license now from your store and licensing now Light Burn with the new code, _before _I try the cancellation by LightBurn? Or does it forcing a conflict with the license?

Thank you Domenic for your first answer and your support.


Hi Chris,

The cost for the Emblaser update key is different to the LightBurn store version. If you had purchased the higher priced ‘DSP’ version, you would have received the Emblaser devices, but we have a special ‘upgrade’ price for existing Emblaser customers.

You certainly can purchase the license from our store and work out the cancellation afterwards with LightBurn. I’m sure there won’t be any issues with cancelling your current purchase.

Apologies for the confusion with this upgrade.


Hi Domenic

Now I’ve purchased the license directly in the Darkly Labs store. And it works again!

Now I’m looking forward for a solution with LightBurn for a refund.

Thank you for your support.




I’ve just made exactly the same mistake Chris ! i’m wondering how you went with the LightBurn refund please ?


Hi Joanne,

Email lightburnsoftware ‘at’ gmail.com with your activation number and ask them to refund and cancel it.

Then purchase it from our online store here:



Hi Joanne

I answerd with the mail that I have received with the license-key and described my mistake.

A short time later, lightburn told me that they have made the refund. It was a very easy and fast customer service.

Good luck!