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Little orange Oring

As usual, Darkly comes though with great service, Just got my new lens…Yay, and emblasering again soon!

But before I put the new lens in, there was a little orange oring in with the lens package that arrived in its cool little 3D printed container, what is that for??

Cant find it in any of the manuals or posts, is it supposed to go in with the lens? does it go in before lens or after lens?


Don’t want to damage new lens if it needs this spacer?

I was also wondering where it went, but put it between the glass lens and the outside ring that holds it into place and haven’t looked back

Tom B, thanks, Domenic did contact me about this, and yes goes between lens and screw in ring. Back in action, well a bit of a delay as we got hit by a cyclone yesterday here in Darwin but power is now restored in our area so yay. Didn’t want to do any test jobs in case power went out in the middle of cuts and lucky I didn’t but managed a good calibration and a few mdf cuts so super happy

Thanks for this post, I didn’t know where it went either, so my technical adviser didn’t think it important and did not put it in. I’ll get him to rectify his error tomorrow - he’ll enjoy unscrewing it all again lol