Lines between engravings

Hi, I have recently installed the 10w laser and have been successful with a few engravings, but now we are getting lines between our engravings (see image). Are there new guidelines or particular settings that we need to change in lightburn when using the 10w? Or is this a common problem that people have encountered before? Thanks for your help!

Hi Cate,

This is most likely caused by using the older Controller Firmware - anything pre v210. It can happen with both the 5W and 10W when using ‘smoothie clustering’ (see Device Settings).

Smoothie Clustering was optional on the 5W Laser Unit, but is required to take advantage of the additional Power/Speed capabilities of the 10W Unit.

Once you have upgraded to Controller Firmware v210 this issue should be completely resolved. If you continue to experience any issues please let me know.