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LightBurn v0.6.09 released

We’ve had a small flurry of updates this weekend, so here’s all that’s changed:


  • Fixed an issue where perfectly symmetrical S-curves wouldn’t subdivide correctly on output to machine
  • New node editing tools:
      - ‘I’ to insert a new node point along a line or spline
      - ‘C’ to convert a smooth point to a sharp corner
      - ‘L’ to convert a smooth curve to a straight line
      - ‘S’ when over a line to convert a line to a smooth curve
      - ‘D’ to delete a line (and break the shape) or delete a point (and keep the shape intact)
      - ‘S’ when over a point to make it a smooth point
  • Move to laser position now uses chosen reference corner
  • Made the raster engine much more tolerant of noisy vector art (fixed issue where duplicate verts could make lines in the output)


  • Fixed a minor issue where some GCode was being emitted with empty / redundant “G1” commands
  • DXF importing now discards empty shapes or single-vertex shapes
  • Fixed a bug when converting text to path and deleting characters would lose track of cut settings


  • Linux version released!
  • Total rewrite of auto-join - much faster, more robust, cleaner results (fixes DXF import too)
  • Fixed DXF import of “infinitely short” arcs producing null geometry
  • Rotary can now be set with either diameter or circumference
  • Fixed color mapping of non layer-based DXF colors
  • Fixed DXF block-insert handling with new color mapping
  • Fixed AI/PDF handling of stroke / fill color assignment
  • Fixed spacing in cut setting editor
  • SVG scale issue with Affinity output
  • Fixed a newly introduced bug where PNGs with transparency would load as all white
  • Added Marlin support for Laser Fire button
  • Changed controls for Size / Scale / Position to be stacked
  • Text can be welded again with other shapes without having to “Convert to Path” first
  • Rubber-band frame now works in inches mode
  • Pass count for scans
  • Z-controls for scans
  • 9-box “origin position” gadget for setting position numerically from a corner or edge
  • Added Select open vectors
  • Added Select open vectors set to scan
  • Images imported with incorrect DPI settings are corrected

Use the “Help -> Check For Updates” feature in the app or download the latest from our website.

Some notes to this version:

  • The basic calibration process (not the camera, but the offset) does not work properly. The air assist nozzle and the cutting mats are both installed. The laser head moves to the center but descends too much, touching the calibration card and moving it. It seemed so as the cutting mats had not been taken into consideration?
  • The position, size and other values are often not updating the affected object when a value is written into the boxes and the ENTER key is pressed. Values are updating the object only after an arrow increasing or decreasing the value are pressed. I think, this effect might appear on some input fields.
  • I have the feeling, that the support material height is also not updated sometimes when entering a new value with the keyboard into the proper box. I have run some works on the same material with the same settings. Sometimes everything went well, sometimes it seemed so as the laser would have been defocused. Can I check somehow the material height from the Gcode to validate this?
  • Could it be implemented in the next version, please, that the Z axis would be the first to set when starting a job and the last to set when finishing a job? I have worked with a thick material, and when the job finished, the laser head descended first. This way the head descended onto the target material resulting in a dropping down air assist nozzle.

Could you please have a look at these issues? Thanks in advance!

I forgot to mention, that I use the Windows version on a Windows 10.

For the calibration issue, I’ll defer to Darkly as they sent an updated calibration file, and LightBurn simply runs that file, unmodified.

The number entry problem you describe is fixed in V0.7.00, released this evening.

Material height should be visible in the GCode file if you look for G0Z moves. The number after the Z will be the height of the laser, and will be the height of the mats + your calibration value + the material thickness.

Regarding your Z moves question, you said “when the job finished, the head descended” - How is that possible, exactly? The head should retract upwards when the job finishes, so I’m not sure why yours is behaving this way.

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Thanks a lot for the response. As I get home, I will install the latest version of LightBurn and double check these things again. For the latest one: I have set 50mm for the material height and 10mm for the support material. Hm, I might have exceeded some limit with this? (In the documentation 50mm material height is the limit for E2, but I do not know whether with or without the support material.)

50mm is the maximum height of the Emblaser Z axis off the bottom of the machine. If your material was 50mm, and you had the supports set, you exceeded the maximum height, and likely skipped steps when the machine tried to ascend to that height.

It was my fault then, thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile: