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Lightburn Suggestion for future updates

 Hi Domenic / Lightburn,


Is it possible to specify rotation angle (& direction) for objects in lightburn?

Also is there a scale function? I cant seem to find any.

And in the edit node mode is it possible to insert nodes, cut nodes, join nodes, delete nodes change node type (smooth to corner and vice versa)


It would be nice to have a rotate function to rotate the complete drawing to suit the cutting bed and/or size of material you are working with. I have to go back to the drawing package to do this but it would be so helpful if it was in Lightburn.


Hi Joel,

Numeric rotation and scale is available in the basic UI. See the image below.

Advanced node editing is a question for the LightBurn team.


Hi Ralph,

Can you explain a little more what you are trying to do?

Rotation is available via the numeric inputs shown above, or the rotation handles at the corners of a layer when selected (also seen in the image above)

In addition - if you drag the indicated controls with the mouse, it will scale or rotate as well.  Not sure what you mean by “direction”.

To delete a node, hover over it and hit ‘D’.  The same works for line segments.  You can convert a sharp point to a smooth point with ‘S’.  I haven’t coded the opposite of that yet, and don’t have the system set to automatically connect points yet, but that’s coming soon.

Sorry, withdraw my comment - that’s me being dozy and not looking properly!


Thanks Domenic / Lightburn…missed that somehow…

Joel - you asked in your original post about node editing. The latest update (0.6.09) adds everything you requested except for joining nodes, and we’re hoping to implement that relatively shortly.

Thanks Domenic / Lightburn…

Full credit goes to the LightBurn team.

They are kicking some major goals!

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