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LightBurn software

Here’s some laser software I just discovered that might be of interest. It runs on newer PCs and macs but does require GRBL 1.1.

It looks very promising and easy to use. It won’t work on my Emblaser 1 because it doesn’t have GRBL 1.1 but LightBurn does have a machine setting for the Emblaser 2 as well as other laser systems.

Have a look …


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Hi Jared,

Lightburn will be the new software supplied with our Emblaser machines.

We have been working closely with the developer to implement features to support both the E1 and E2 machines. At the moment, we are putting the finishing touches on the Lightburn E2 device controller as well as making some modification to the latest GRBL1.1 firmware for the E1.

When complete, you will be able to update the firmware on both the E1 and E2 machines and take advantage of this great new software package.

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That’s excellent news Domenic. I’ve downloaded the trial version and would love to get it working but I’ll need to get GRBL 1.1 going on my Embaser 1. I’ll be looking forward, with much anticipation, to be able to update the firmware. Do you have any kind of timeline for when this might become available?

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Timeline is tricky, but we are actively working on it right now.

I would ‘hope’ it would be resolved in the next week, but I’ve learn’t never to make any definite promises when it comes to code!

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Great! This is exciting news…

I just ordered my Emblazer 1 yesterday and although I can deal with using a PC, I’d much rather use my Mac which just works - none of that hunting for the correct driver rubbish.

Every Mac user is waiting for this firmware update with baited breath I can assure you :slight_smile:

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+1 You got that right!

Just letting anyone reading this discussion that there is now a dedicated LightBurn Community topic:


Feel free to use that area for discussions, questions etc. It is actively monitored by the LightBurn team as well.

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using Google Translator

Do I need to purchase additional LightBurn software programs?

What is the price if you make a purchase?

Lightburn’s installer on Windows is an unsigned binary, and the application for macOS is also built unsigned.  If I had known this before buying a license I would not have paid for it.

Signed simply means that we paid money to a 3rd party to verify the identity of the company. It is a costly process with a moderate number of hoops to jump through for a small development team.

It is something that will happen in time, but there is nothing they do aside from verify that the company exists and can be trusted, so it’s low on the priority list, albeit a bit annoying.

No. Unsigned binaries are a huge security risk. Code signing ensures that the binary has not been tampered with since it was compiled, or since it was distributed, or since it was last executed.  These are vectors for compromise and persistence of compromise. If a signed binary is compromised, certificate revocation provides a broadcast method for stopping further execution of the compromised binary. There are no circumstances under which I would allow unsigned binaries to be installed or used on a daily basis on any client network.

If you have a developer account with Apple the additional cost of a signing certificate is zero, and signing functionality is baked into Xcode. If you don’t have a developer account then it is a whopping 99 bucks a year to get one.

Code signing certificates for Windows are 175 for a year, maybe less if you search enough.  Only a crazy person runs an admin mode unsigned binary installer.  I’d be amazed if there is a modern IDE for Windows that does not incorporate code signing into the build process.