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Lightburn selection size

image.pngI give up, how do I (in this case) specify the size of the map itself & not the Square box (green) outline size. I want to scan / cut to the size of the map, not to the size that the box dictates. And what is width % height%?

For this case, the simplest approach would be to trace the map using the image trace feature (Alt-T or Tools -> Trace Image), then discard the bitmap and just use the vector version.

In general, an image is sized to include any white space, so you would need to crop it externally to do what you’re asking.

Width % and Height % are a way to adjust the scale by a percentage instead of a measurement. Typing 50 into the Width % box would shrink an object by half in width (or in both width and height if the aspect lock is set - the lock icon on the left side).


LightBurn has provided great advice.

Just remember that an image (photo, clipart etc) is used for engraving and not cutting.

To cut something out, you need vectors (curves).

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you Lightburn & Domenic.

It was bugging me that I kept forgetting that the size I set for width & height, was actually the white space size and so my image was scanning & cutting to a smaller size.