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Lightburn Palette SVG

Hi all,

I thought I would share something that has improved the way I work with Lightburn.


When I first started using Lightburn my workflow was quite slow because I was always having to change the settings associated with each colour depending on what my imported svg used for each section of the design. I was also getting frustrated because some colours that were different were being grouped together under the one operation.


Then I realised that I had just been using the software wrong, and I should have taken my time to figure out how it worked before diving right in.


Now I have a specific workflow which greatly reduces the amount of configuration I need to do between projects…

I have created a colour palette SVG which contains all of the 30 colours used by Lightburn to differentiate its operations. This SVG means that in my graphics editor (Inkscape) I can just select the desired operation to copy it and paste the styles (Ctrl+Shift+V) onto the relevant shapes in my design.

This means that I will always be using the same colour for the same type of operation and don’t need to re-enter the settings for every project. 


Here’s the file which you can use as is, or as an example to create your own.