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Lightburn Feature Suggestions

Hi Lightburn,

Some features I’d like to see (or missed)

  • Option to separate layers by stroke and fill
  • Display shape fill colour within lightburn
  • Option to use layers from original file instead of stroke/fill
  • Import layer names
  • Jump to percentage within a cut

My reason for these is that I teach laser cutting classes. In order for students to better visualise/speed up file settings, we get them to colour the shapes and lines.

Red Line = Cut
Black Line = Engrave Line
Black fill = Engrave

Often when setting up the file to be cut, it is hard to distinguish between what is a Cut, Engrave line and a Scan.

.ai Import

.svg import

>>Option to separate layers by stroke and fill

LightBurn, like most other laser software, uses the color of the source vectors to denote which cut layer  it imports into. Not all of the data formats supported allow for stroke / fill info, so this is the most universally supportable method, and since the laser doesn’t emit color, it’s a simple thing to use.

If you build your artwork to match the colors in LightBurn’s palette, when imported, the colors will stay, and you can pre-set the cuts how you like. Many use the convention of black = engrave, blue = vector mark, red = cut, or similar.

>>Display shape fill colour within lightburn

LightBurn does not track stroke color or fill color, just cut options applied to a shape. Color is only used to assign the cut layer, and only one is used (stroke overrides fill if both are present)

>>Option to use layers from original file instead of stroke/fill

This is something we might offer in the future, but this gets complicated quickly. Some software supports layer nesting, layer masks, and tons of other options that we will never support, so there would be restrictions on how it could be used.

>>Jump to percentage within a cut

If I’m interpreting this right, you mean you’d like to be able to start a cut part way through, at a given percentage? This is surprisingly hard. LightBurn switches between relative and absolute mode frequently to compact the generated code, so we’d need to parse the complete state in the code, track it through to the percentage indicated to compute the actual desired state of the machine, send commands to configure that, then send the remainder, and even then it would only work for GCode based machines. DSP controllers, which we also support, would have to do this in a completely different way. The short version is that it would be very non-trivial. I can understand why you’d want it, but it’s not something we can do easily or quickly.

Thanks for the quick reply, explanations make sense.

I’ll give the red, black, blue colours a go.