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LightBurn doesn't auto detect Emblaser 2

I am running Windows 10 and have an Emblaser 2.

I am trying to use the trial version before buying and step 5 on this link never happens for me.  I get the pop-up below when opening LightBurn. 




Hi Mitch,

The Emblaser devices are only available once one of our license keys is applied.

If you are unsure about using LightBurn, I recommend using the trial to learn about the features and workflow.

You can always go through the tutorials we have created here:


or check the LightBurn site for more videos and documentation:



Thanks for the quick response. I will watch the videos on the LightBurn site before making my decision. 

Please note that the LightBurn trial now includes the Emblaser devices.

This means you can fully test the trial version for 30 days.