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Lightburn - Cut Outline

I would like to scan a design like this, and then cut out the outline.

Is it possible in Lightburn.


Yes, rather easily.

I was able to mock up the basic shape in LightBurn in about a minute using the rectangle, circle, and weld tools.


Wow, thank you for your prompt reply. What I want to do though is to put those birds, a piece of clipart & some text inside the above that you did for me.

I can put the clipart ,text etc inside the design, and get lightburn to scan / engrave the lot, but I still don’t know how to tell Lightburn to then cut out around the outside of the design.

Thanks again.


ps I must have a  try at doing your design using the rectangle, circle, and weld tools. It’s a better, neater one that I found on the web.

I tried to use the ‘trace’ feature, but it didn’t give as clean a result as LightBurn’s suggestion.

I have found the trace feature work great, but the jpg or image itself need to be as sharp as possible for a tight outline. Sometimes better than CorelDraw trace feature.

If the LB trace won’t do as required, Inkscape, a free, multi-platform vector graphics program does a pretty darn good job of creating vector art from bitmaps.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Create a rectangle that’s the size you want. For this, because of the next step I’m going to use, it’s important to get the size correct when you create the rectangle, or set the width and height in the “Shape Properties” window to set the size. Don’t resize it with the scale handles *after* you’ve created it.

  1. In the Shape Properties window again, change the “Corner Radius” value:

  1. Draw a circle of the size you want:


  1. Select both objects, then from the Arrange menu, click “Align H-Centers” and “Align V-Centers”


  1. With both objects still selected, click the Weld button:


  1. From there, if you want a double line, use the Offset button (just above weld):

Thanks everyone for your help.

I have taken the time to watch more of the tutorials. For me it’s a bit like - “If all else fails read the help manual”.

But all your comments have been great & put me on the right track too.