Lightburn Color Palette Numbers GONE!?

Admin, If you will permit, please?

Original sent to Lightburn.

Copied here, in case someone else has this problem and a fix that escaped this Luddite…

In brief, my Lightburn Color Numbers have disappeared!


I am Michael Jessop, long-term owner of an Emblaser 2.

My old Lightburn Licence key is (in original )

Today I downloaded and installed the latest version of Lightburn,

On re-opening the file I am about to cut, I noticed that the color palette no longer has the color number in the middle of each swatch!!!

This gives me a huge problem!

I have built a spreadsheet system, standardizing my use of various laser intensities by linking Lightburn color numbers to specific formulae of laser power, speed, and passes, to suit the various materials and tasks I use. By doing data sorts I can pick higher and lower laser intensities. This will only work if I have numbers.

Please! Can I get the numbers back?

Thank you,

Michael Jessop

cc to the Emblaser community to see if anyone else has this issue and / or a solution.

Lightburn Color Palette Numbers BACK !!!

In brief, message to self: Check, check and recheck what is being downloaded!

Copy of email to Lightburn Support.

Hi again,

While waiting, and cutting, I noticed that, somehow, a much earlier version of Lightburn was operating.
No Idea how…
So, when the cut finished I installed the latest version.

Success! The color numbers are back!

(I wish I knew how that happened… )

No offense was meant in my earlier message, I hope none was taken. I have poured in lots of hours learning how to operate this software…

CC to Emblaser community to report successful conclusion.

Thank you for having this Support contact page!

Michael Jessop

Hi Michael,

Glad it’s resolved.

I had a look through the settings and there is an option to turn these on/off. Something to check for anyone else who has this issue come up.

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Thank you, Dominic!!

As always a goldmine of help.


Mike Jessop

PS, when will we know about the laser power upgrade??


Very close. Testing production model as we speak.

Good to hear!


Mike Jessop

Thank you Michael for bringing this up.

One other thing I have noticed with the latest Lightburn upgrade is the color palette appears very low on the screen and when I minimize the window it’s not attached to the window. Is there a setting I need to check/click? Image attached below.

Dom… glad to hear you are close to having the new higher power unit ready. Can’t wait to buy and try it.

Hi Patrick,

You can return the Layers Palette to the main window by dragging from the dots at the left side of the Palette:
Dragging over the bottom section of the main window will highlight the docking options:

Please let me know if you have any issues with this.

~ Lliam

Worked like a charm. Unknown why it detached during an update. Thanks as always.

Keep safe,


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