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Lightburn Camera Alignment Issues

The new Lighburn 0.7.02 camera calibration is nice and easy to use, and worked great for me the first time I ran it. 

However, today I started having issues with the Calibrate Camera Alignment tool. The initial select your camera works fine, and the sample image burns, however when it tries to capture the image so I can select the four corners, I get a solid grey capture. If I add more light, I get a lighter grey, but no sign of the corner marks at all.

It worked as of last night, but no longer. Calibrate Camera Lens works fine and captures the image properly. I’ve tried restarting everything, reinstalling Lightburn and still no image.

Any suggestions?

I’ve seen this as well - were you using a Mac or Windows?

I spent the better part of yesterday attempting to find the source of this, and I’m not sure I’m any closer, though it seems to work correctly if you do the lens calibration again - you’re not supposed to need to, so I’ll continue to investigate. You also don’t need to do the alignment more than once if you’re using the same height of material, so it’s hopefully not something you’ll need to do often.

We’re also working through the maths to perform the height offset for you after calibration, based on material height. Once that’s worked through, you should only need to do any of this once.

I’m using Windows.

I’ve tried the lens calibration again, a few times now, and I keep getting the same issue. This last run through I got a swirl showing up in the capture, see the image below.

When I change the amount of lighting in the room, turning on/off the overhead light, placing a lamp near the laser, no lights on, I get different captures, all in shades of grey, from white when it is brightly lit to dark grey when lit by the lights in the laser. It seems like it might be averaging the levels of black into one solid color.

The issue is the code that un-distorts the image. The capture works, but the code that takes that capture and un-distorts it is going wrong, and I haven’t been able to track down why. The fact that you’ve got this on Windows actually makes me feel slightly better - I thought it was only misbehaving on the Mac, so this means it is consistent, which generally makes it easier to track.

Thx for jumping onto this so quickly LB team.

I updated and took more than 5 goes doing same thing of getting the grey capture and redoing lens calibration and alignment then tried closing lightburn and opening again in between calibration and alignments and then pop, it worked. Lid opened with more light seemed to help

Can confirm it is working just fine on new surface pro running windows 10. image is not super sharp but assume that is the low resolution thing with camera but can get within 1-2 mm accuracy placing work on scrap material.

This is a huge step forward for Emblaser 2 users and lightburn and trace works pretty good too with low res image.

Pardon my ignorance…I ran the camera calibration wizard for the first time tonight. The 4 targets output OK. Then I go to the next step Pan & Zoom to locate the targets. How do I pan & zoom?  The head moves to the lower RHS of the work area and just sits there.  Am I missing something?




Assuming you have a proper capture that’s not the odd gray image we’re trying to track down, the controls are like the edit or preview windows: scroll wheel to zoom, middle mouse to drag (or left-mouse to drag as well, just for simplicity). Double-click to place a marker.

Hmm, say grey image. I’ll keep running the lens calibration to see if it works.

Running Windows 10 64bit.

Ok, don’t know if it was a fluke, but I decided to run Lightburn as Administrator upon startup. Did that, and then the process worked first go.


For those who may not know how to do this, in case you are having trouble and would like to test this, right click the Lightburn Desktop icon then select ‘run as administrator’.

I’ve noticed, having done the alignment a couple times now, that although I can get the resulting placement rather close to center of my aim point in one axis, it appears to be lower by approximately 10mm. Please see resulting photos. Fine detail tuning (ability to manual enter adjustments) may help.


EDIT: Wait does x and y shift do this? I think I’m answering my own problems, haha.



Please note the image through the orange lid should be rotated so that burn mark is to the bottom of the circle… photo didn’t rotate.


Ok, yes the X shift and Y shift solved the problem.


So for fine tuning:

Note that for my material, I utilised a piece of 3mm plywood that I cut to a specific diameter. this way I could make a circle within a 35mm circle as my test engraving to ensure it was dead center.

  1. I took another overlay (having not moved my material),

  2. Made adjustments to the X and Y shift so that the blue circle (my engrave on lightburn) married up with the burn on the overlay.

  3. Then I shifted the blue engrave to what I believe was the centre of my material.

  4. Lasered the material.

Result is a pretty well lined up engraving to my material.

My dream of camera material engraving alignment has been realised! thanks Lightburn and Darkly Labs!

EDIT: If the centre circles of the camera alignment engraving where dark enough, or visible in the camera display, you can just use that as opposed to needing another test material for placement.