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LightBurn calibration images left in Pictures folder

I’m using LightBurn on the Mac, v0.7.02.

After running the Calibrate Camera Lens routine (the one where you use the ‘circles’ pattern), I notice that the software dumps all of the captured images in my Pictures folder.

Are they safe to delete without impacting the calibration? There’s over a hundred of them, given the initial difficulty I had in achieving low enough ‘scores’ for the distortion correction algorithm to accept.


On a minor sidenote to the LightBurn developer, it might be good to have an easier way to view the current version, right now it’s nestled in Help > Quick Help & Notes > About tab



Those images are safe to delete. In fact, they’re supposed to be auto-deleted by the software. The capture system dumps them there (and we can’t turn that off) so we have code that removes them immediately. I’ll make a note to verify this is working on the Mac.

In other versions of the software, the version number is displayed in the title bar, but the Mac filters that out for some reason. I may make an “About” entry that takes you directly to that page - thanks for the feedback.