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Lightburn 0.8.03 SVG Importing Issues

Is anyone else having problems with generated SVG files importing incorrectly?


I was calibrating for different thicknesses, and my calibration duck imported… weird.

1st row, flattened SVG from FreeCAD, with an import issue on the foot, 2nd and 3rd were edited in Inkscape (and messed with to try to resolve it). 4th was copy-pasted into a new document and saved, but still has issues.

2nd row, exported from FreeCAD with different thickness settings, 2.8mm version (Which is what I was trying to calibrate against), and the 2.7mm version, which looks as expected

Windows 10, recent patches, updated Lightburn this morning. I had a similar issue around February with the same kind of workflow and incorrect SVG imports.

If you can zip the SVG and send it to me I’ll have a look. It would help if you can include a screen shot of what it should look like. Developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com.

Thanks very much for the quick response, I emailed it through.

This is fixed, and will be in the next release.  There was a very subtle precision issue with arcs that your files were hitting.